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Elizabeth Warren Recommends Sectioning Of Google, Facebook, and Amazon

Elizabeth Warren, Senior U.S. Senator, promised last week to target Google, Amazon, and Facebook, after she would be elected as president in the upcoming elections, deeply investigate over each of the huge tech companies and imposing new regulations over Silicon Valley.

The suggestion highlights the most aggressive and determined effort aiming the tech industry associated with any Democratic nominee for the White House, and it could pressurize other presidential contenders to propose a similar strategy for more aggressive supervision of the tech organization.

Warren also said that in order to reinstate the stability of authority in our democratic system, to endorse competition, and to guarantee that the upcoming generation of tech innovation is as vivacious as the previous one; the democracy has to crumble the largest tech organizations.

The democratic policymaker revealed that the proposal set by Warren has two major elements. First would be the appointment of supervisors dedicated to overturning the unlawful and anti-competitive tech collaborations, which directly aims Facebook’s acquisition over Instagram and WhatsApp; Amazon’s expansion through the purchase of Whole Foods; and Google’s possession over Nest, Waze, and DoubleClick.

The second element involves driving regulation that would label valuable services like Amazon’s marketing platform for goods and Google search engine platform.

Only those organizations would be targeted by Warren, which generates annual revenue of more than $90 Billion and would encourage central and state regulators to impose huge penalties that impact the competitive chain or customers. Also, any web user could be able to sue Google, Amazon, and Facebook in case they defied new regulations proposed by Warren’s administration.

Warren’s proposal arrives to encourage her supporters residing in Long Island City, New York, where Amazon at first decided to build its new headquarter. But eventually, it withdraws the plan in the middle of obstruction by local opposition and vicious condemnation from high-ranked U.S. politicians such as Warren, who believed that Amazon had got bribes from civilians in New York.

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